Zen Momma was conceived the day I met Michiko Rolek. After sharing my challenges and struggles with motherhood she asked me this life changing question, "How are you feeling?"


We all have healing to do. This is why we are here on earth. To open our hearts and love more. To accept the light inside of us and share it with the world. Each of us possesses a unique gift - an individual expression of God. As children we are naturally in touch with our Spirit and authentically show up. This is one of the things I love most about teaching children. They remind of the pure joy that flows from within when we are simply being ourselves. 

Life presents us with different situations that have the potential to inspire a spiritual awakening. To recognize and accept the opportunity we must understand how to respond rather than react. This requires self-awareness, courage and faith that a power greater than ourself exists. For me it was motherhood. When I became a Momma I was challenged in ways I had never experienced. My first born Isabelle, was colicky and cried every night for hours for the first three months. I was newly married, living in an apartment I refused to call home and across the country from my family. I was overwhelmed, exhausted, lacking a support system and worst of all I felt completely out of touch with who I was as a woman. 

Looking back I now see that had I truly known myself prior to motherhood my experience would have been different. At the time I didn't truly know myself enough to love myself, let alone be myself. 

My inspired purpose is to share my experiences as a woman and a mother. I am committed to a lifelong practice of mothering my inner child first and foremost. "When we know better we do better." This committment to my own healing makes me a better mother to my children and a positive role model to all those I come into contact with.